Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka which is very famous in India as well as in UK.This dish can be had as starter or as Curry.Chicken Tikka is of roasted chicken chunks served in a rich-tasting red or orange-coloured sauce. The sauce is usually creamy, lightly spiced and contains tomatoes. The origins of chicken tikka masala are disputed.
chicken tikka masala to be the most popular dish in British restaurants and it has been called “Britain’s true national dish.Chicken tikka masala is chicken tikka, or chunks of chicken, marinated in spices and yogurt then baked in a oven.


Boneless chicken(skinless)-250gms
Red chilli pwd
Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp
Lemon Juice-3tbsp
Nutmeg pwd-1/2tsp

Dry roast and grind:

Fennel seeds-1tsp
Black pepper-1tsp
Black Cardamom
cumin seeds-1/2tsp


Clean and cut chicken to 1-inch cubes pieces.

Take a bowl,add all the above ingredients except oil,and apply the mixture evenly on the chicken pieces.Marinate for 1-2 hours.

Once time is done.Put each portion of chicken on the skewer and place it in oven at 175F for 10mints and grill evenly on each side until very light brown.

Once both side are turned light brown colour remove from the oven apply oil to the pieces and again grill until chicken is tender.This will be done in again 10mints.

When chicken is cooked well,switch off the oven and the chicken from it and place it in serving bowl and apply few drops of lemon juice over it and enjoy!

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