Panchamrutham is a divine prasadam made for many pujas or festive occasions. It means five amruthams such as cow’s milk, curd/yogurt, banana, ghee, and sugar.It keeps good only on the day it is prepared or at most for the next day .Always fresh panchamrutham tastes good and that’s why even in temples they prepare just before pooja.

Finely chopped banana-2nos Fresh milk-1 Cup Fresh curds- 1 tbsp Honey-1small bottle Sugar-3 tsp Dates(seeded and sliced)-icup Kalakanda-small pieces-1cup Finely chopped apple-1no Grapes-1cup
Mix all the above ingredients and serve immediately or serve chill.

10 thoughts on “Panchamrutham

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    I love Panchamrutham very much.Especially from Palani Murugan Temple panchamrutham.I am going to try your recipe. Thanks.


  2. My grandma was the one who makes this whenever we were to the village for the festival…I really like the way she makes this…..You reminded me of those memories

  3. U made me to think about my childhood days in my grandma’s home..loved all those a great fan of panchamrutham..loved ur recipe..looks yummy…

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