Mango Kalakand In Microwave

Mango Kalakand In Microwave

Today i have tried and tasted this Mango Kalakand in Microwave from Priya of Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes.It came out really delicious and every one in my home enjoyed it very much.Here goes the recipe..


Ricotta cheese-1cup

Mango pulp-1/2cup

Milk powder-2cups

Chopped pistachios

Rose water-1/2tsp



Take a microwave safe bowl,add all the above ingredients expect chopped pistachios.Fold them nicely in a such way that it looks like a cream.Pop the bowl in microwave at full power for 20minutes,Stirring at every 5minutes,because it doubles in its volume.

At nearly 17 minutes,add the chopped pistachios and you will also seen the edges of the bowl and the mixture would have turned light golden colour. Once the time in done,now transfer the mixture onto a flat plate and allow it to cool.Once it cool downs cut into pieces and enjoy..

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