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  1. Srivalli Jetti

    These muffins look great pavani and I am sure kids will love to enjoy these during traveling time. I still remember the time when we used to travel, it used to be one of those dishes like Lemon Rice or tamarind rice that's packed. Kids these days don't like it much!

  2. Vaishali Sabnani

    Welcome to the group Pavani.
    The muffins look super delicious ..yes the travel food changes with generations, and each one of us has their own signature travel food.

  3. Shilpa Ravichettu

    looks delicious!! need to try

  4. Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

    Welcome to the BM Family and great sweet recipe to start with. I know, kids these days love this easy grab and go foods than rice. Great share pavani.5 stars

  5. Varada

    Welcome to the group. The muffins look delicious and cute. Perfect travel food.

  6. Sharmila Kingsly

    Awesome recipe to start the BM. Chocolate n banana goes very well favourite muffins:)

  7. Narmadha

    Perfect recipe for kids during travel. Nowadays they don't like to eat rice like us. Healthy too with addition of banana.

  8. Narmadha

    Perfect travel food for kids. Looks so delicious. Healthy too with addition of bananas5 stars

  9. Gayathri Kumar

    Today's kids tend to like such bakes more than the variety rice. These muffins look absolutely yum.

  10. harini

    I agree with Valli. The kids these days shirk from tamarind and lemon rice. Those muffins look gorgeous.

  11. preeti garg

    I love chocolate banana muffins.... I can eat anytime.

  12. Sushma Pinjala

    Banana Chocolate muffins looks so delicious Pavani. Kids must have loved them.

  13. Juliasdailytips

    I am definitely making this muffin over the easter.

    • Pavani

      Thank you. Hope you will like it.

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