Chanakaya papu Torphy

Chanakaya papu Torphy

Fried Groundnuts-1cup
First remove the outter skin of fried groundnuts and grind them in a mixer into coarse powder and keep aside.

Heat a bottom pan, add smashed jaggery init and mix continuously untill all jaggery mixs well.

And allow it cook till good aroma smell comes,in mean while grease a plate with ghee and keep aside.Once the aroma smell starts coming switch of the flame and add the grounded pwd and mix well and pour on greased plate and roll it fast other wise it will become hard.
And then cut into your liked shape and enjoy tasty n healthy chanakaya Papu Torphy.

This entry goes to Eat healthy during pregnancy hosted by Sangeeth and EFM-Sweets hosted by Srilekha

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