Besan Laddo

Besan Laddo

The moment i saw these besan laddo’s in Pream’s blog , I tempted very much and started doing them immediately. They come very delicious and whole house was filled with aromatic smell of the laddo’s. Here goes the recipe..

 Besan/gram flour -2cups 
 Ghee/Unsalted butter -13/4cup
Chopped almonds -2tbsp 


 Heat a pan,add the flour and fry it on slow flame until it changes it’s colour.
When you see the colour changing into light brown color,add the ghee/butter and mix well and again fry it on slow flame till the aromatic smell comes out and then switch off the flame and keep it aside for few minutes. Then the sugar and mix well. Add the chopped almonds and start making laddo’s when it is still warm, other wise we can not make them into laddo’ make it when it is warm. Place them on plate to cool for few minutes and then store in a airtight container. It will stay for for 2 weeks,but of course it will not be there . we completed it in 4 days it self.I can’t say how delicious these laddo’s are.

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