Almond Brittle With chocolate

Almond Brittle With chocolate

Today i made These Almond Brittle with chocolate which i have seen in Good food channel.These are very simple to prepare and we can have it with coffee or after meal also.Here goes the recipe..


Roasted almond flakes-150grams


Golden caster sugar-200grams

Milk chocolate bar-150grams


Heat a pan,add butter then followed water and mix well till butter dissolves nicely.Then add sugar and mix well.

Occasionally stir in middle to prevent burning at the bottom.Keep cooking until you will get toffee colour it takes about 7 to 10 minutes to get that colour. Mean while take a braking tray lined with parchment.

Once you get toffee colour i.e. light yellow golden colour then immediately add almonds flakes and mix well and remove from the hob. Using two spoons drop the mixture into small balls on lined baking tray and allow it to cool.

In mean time take microwave safe bowl and add milk chocolate breaking into small pieces.Micro wave on full power for 1minute. At this time almond brittle will be cooled downed.To this sprinkle the melted chocolate over them and allow few mints to set and then enjoy eating crispy and delicious Almond Brittle with chocolate..

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