Vegetable Manchurian

Vegetable Manchurian

Sunday i made this vegetable Manchurian for our lunch along with Fried rice.Thanks to vahchef for showing such a tasty and wonderful recipe.Here goes the recipe..

For making Manchurian:
Mixed vegetables -2cup(carrot,beans,corn,cabbage,peas)
Ajinamoto a pinch
Boiled rice -1cup
Chilli sauce -1tbsp
Soya sauce-2tbsp
Spring onion-1/2 bunch
Pepper powder-2tsp
Chopped green chillies-2nos
Corn flour-2tbsp
Chopped ginger -1tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

For making sauce:
Chopped onions-2nos
Chopped garlic-4nos
Chopped ginger-1tbsp
Soya sauce-2tbsp
Ajinamoto a pinch
Chilli sauce-2tbsp
Spring onion remaining half bunch


For making Manchurian:

In a food processor add the vegetables and blend them into finely.Then boil finely chopped minced vegetables for 2minutes and drain them in a cloth to remove the water from the veggies. keep the water aside,we will see it in sauce making.

Take the drained minced veggies in a bowl, bind with ingredients under Manchurian. and make small size balls. Roll in corn flour and deep fry till they turn golden colour on both sides.Remove them into a plate and keep aside.
For making sauce:
Heat a pan with oil ,add cumin ,chopped garlic ,chopped ginger and chopped onion.Fry them for 2minutes till they change colour.Add soya sauce,pepper,chilli paste,spring onion ,ajinamoto and mix well.Then the water which we drained from the veggies and cook for few minutes.To make the sauce thick,mix cornflour with very little water and then add it to the cooking sauce.Then add the fried manchurian and mix well ,cook for 2 minutes.Finally before removing from the hob add the remaining chopped spring onions and transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy Fried rice/noodles.

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