Inspiration Award

Inspiration Award

Hi Everyone…

Today i am really feeling very happy by seeing this Inspiration Award...Ramya honored me this award.Thanks a lot Ramya for inspiring me

Jamie started this award and now in her own words –
“This is given to bloggers whose stories and recipes inspire us. Whether it’s to eat healthier, dive back into our past to conjure up something we ate as children, or just make the light bulbs in our brains go on with a new idea for a recipe.

As recipients of this award, please share with us what inspires you and then pass on the Inspiration Award to 4 other deserving bloggers. Please let them know what the award means and what to do with it. Feel free to post the Inspiration Award Logo on your site for the whole blogsphere to see. (logo photo taken by my inspiring friend and co-author of Dueling Foodies, Beth.)”

The things which inspired me are:
1.The way my hubby shows his love n care towards me n my daughter Laky.
2.All the blogger friends are inspiring me in some or the other way.

3.The recipes which are posted by my friends are given me inspiration for preparing new things.
4.All the comments which are given by my friends is inspiration to me...
Now i am passing this Inspiration Award to :
Priya,Uma,Cham,Anudivya,Srivalli,Vidhya,sripriya and Adlak’s tiny world,….

Thanks Ramya and Jamie for the wonderful opportunity.

RM Runners:
1. DK 2.Siri3.Srivalli4.Ranji5.PJ6.Curry Leaf7.Medha8.Priya9.Bhawna10.Raaji11.Ruchii12.Anu13.Kamala14.Roopa15.Divya Kudua16.Rekha17.Divya M18.Lakshmi19.Raaga20.Lakshmi Venkatesh21.Sripriya22.Viji23.Kamalika

11 thoughts on “Inspiration Award

  1. Pavani, am very glad to get this award from u..its like having double chocolate icecream while its raining..thanks a lot n no words to say how happy i am..regarding the microwave, its not a big issue..if u have the manual books just have a look, else if u have doubt regarding any dish pls ask me..will mail u dear..

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