A Day To Celebrate

A Day To Celebrate

FOOD LOVERS turned Three, day before yesterday.I was very happy in celebrating my blogs birthday.Actually i started this blog with the support of my hubby dear,Without his support i would not have reached up to this stage.In the beginning i was not happy with my blog as i don’t know to cook and at the same time i don’t know how to take pictures for the food.But slowly i picked up with the support of my blogger friends by there valuable feed backs.In this occasion i thank each and every one for there support.I wish the same support from you all in future also..

I made Vanilla cup cakes to celebrate this occasion


Raisins few
Sunflower oil-1tbsp
Plain flour-1cup
Baking Powder-1tsp
Vanilla extract-1tsp

For Icing:

Icing sugar-125gms
Milk-1to2 tbsp


In a bowl,add all the above ingredients for making cup cakes and mix well without any lumps.

Using the two-spoon method with the two teaspoons, spoon the mixture into small muffin cases in a muffin tray.

Place the tray in a pre-heated oven at 200ºC fan for 12–15 minutes.

Once they are ready keep them wire rack to cool down.In mean the mean while we will prepare icing.

Take a bowl all the ingredients for icing and mix well into smooth spread ably paste.

Using knife spread the icing over the cup cakes and allow it to cool for few mints. Then Decorate with your favourite things..here i used stars to decorate it.

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