Tomato Karam Chutney

Tomato Karam Chutney

This Tomato Karam Chutney is my favourite one.My Amma used to make this karam especially for me,when ever she prepares dosa or idli and she does groundnut chutney for my younger ones.That time they used to tell my mother that she gives more important to me.When ever i remember these things i just laugh my self and i am missing them very much.

Yesterday i made this karam for dosa and it was yummy but i will not get that taste which my mother is to prepare.


Red chillies-30r4nos.
Turmeric a pinch
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Mustard and urd dal for tampering


In a mixer add tomato’s,chopped onion,red chillies,cumin seeds and turmeric.Run the mixer for few seconds or till all ingredients are nicely blended.

Heat a pan with ghee add mustard and urd dal,once they pop up add the grinded mixture and cook for few mints till the raw smell goes out.Then transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy with Dosa or Idli.

Sending this to “Healing Foods-Tomato” hosted by Padmajha of Seduce Your Tastebuds and event started by Siri of “Siri’s Corner”

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