Quesadillas stack

Quesadillas stack

I made these Quesadillas with tomato and onions.They came very delicious,i tried using chopped onions and tomatoes with some spices.Here goes the recipe..


Wheat flour tortillas-2nos
Cheddar cheese-1/2cup
Finely chopped onions-1medium nos
Finely chopped tomatoes-1medium nos
Chili powder-1/2tsp
Pepper powder-1/2tsp
Salt to taste


Heat a pan with oil,add chopped onions,tomatoes along with salt and fry till are cooked.Then add chili and pepper powder and mix well.Keep aside.

Heat heavy frying pan, and warm one of the tortillas in the hot pan. While still on the heat, spread the cooked mixture and then sprinkle with grated cheese, before covering with the other tortilla.

After a few seconds, the cheese should begin to melt and the tortilla on the bottom of the pan turn golden brown. Flip it over and cook the other tortilla. Transfer to a plate, cut in wedges and serve straight away.

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