Bread Upma

Bread Upma

Bread upma which is very easy and quick to prepare.Every one as there own way of making this bread upma.Today i made with brown bread in my style.Hope you all like it and try..


Brown bread-6slices, teared into pieces
Tomato-2nos small
Onion-1 no small
Red chili powder-1tsp(instead of this chili powder you can use green chillies)
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Tomato ketchup-2tbsp
Lemon juice-1tsp
salt to taste
Chopped coriander leaves


Tear or cut bread into small pieces.Sprinkle a little water.Heat a little oil in a pan.Add 1tsp of mustard seeds,chopped onion,fry them till they change there colour.Add turmeric powder,chili powder,chopped tomatoes and saute them well.Add tomato ketchup and mix well.Add bread pieces and coriander leaves and required salt and toss them well. cook them for 2minutes and finally add 1tsp of lemon juice and transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy!

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