Sorakaya Chettinadu Curry

Sorakaya Chettinadu Curry

Sorakaya or bottle gourd-250gms
Green chillies-3or4
Coriander Pwd-1tbs
Gram masala-1/2tsp
Coconut grated-3tbp
Turmeric apinch
Gingergarlic paste-1tsp
Salt to taste
Curry and Coriander leaves
Make a smooth paste of fresh coconut and sesame

1.clean and chop sorakaya into small pieces
2.Take a pan add oil,jeera,chopped onions,chillies fry them till onions changes colour
3.Then add gingergarlic paste and fry them for 2mnts,then add sorakaya,turmeric,salt and fry them and close the lid till water goes out.
4.Then add coriander pwd,gram masala,mix them well and add coconut,sesame paste add required water,allow it to cook,finelly add coriander leaves.
5.serve with roti or coconut rice.

19 thoughts on “Sorakaya Chettinadu Curry

  1. this is a lovely recipe! I remember my mother making something similar and she had learned it from a neighbour who was from Tamil Nadu, using coconut and also the urd daal. I like your using sesame seeds, as i love using it in food.

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