Munakaya Sambar

Munakaya Sambar

I have prepared this Drumstick/Munakaya sambar after a long time.The place where we live dnt get our Indian vegetables in supermarkets,for these i have to go for citycenter where we have two indian stores,in that stores we get all indian items.That too our lucky sometimes we get fresh vegetables sometimes they will not be good.This time my lucky i found fresh vegetables and i picked up some vegetables and we did some shopping for my two kids.As my son ‘s first birthday is coming we purchased new clothes for him.His birthday is August 12th,and school uniform for my daughter.


Small onions-5nos
Sambar Pwd-1tsp
Tur dal-1/2cup

Seasoning ingredients:

Mustard seeds
split urad dal
curry leaves
chana dal
Few coriander leaves
Crused garlic-3pods


Clean n wash tur dal and pressure cook it with 1cup of water,turmeric,asafoetida and 1/2tsp of oil for 2or3 whistle.Mean time chop onions and tomatoes and keep aside at the same time cut the edges of munakaya and cut into your desried length.Soak tamarind in water .

Heat a pan with 2tbsp of oil,add the seasoning ingredients once they splutter add the chopped onions and fry till they change colour.Then add tomatoes along with sambar pwd and cook till tomatoes becomes soft then add chopped drumsticks and required salt and cook with closed lid for 5mints or untill munakaya is cooked.In this process dal will be ready and extract the pulp from the tamarind and keep the water.Add this water to the cooking and again cook for fewmints.

Then add the dal and mix every thing well and add required water and cook with closed lid for fewmints and finally add coriander leaves and serve with white rice with any combination as side dish it goes great if we eat with hot white rice.

This Recipe goes to Vegetable Marathon hosted by RuchikaCooks and Anita’s Kitchen

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