Beans-Moongdal Fry

Beans-Moongdal Fry



Turmeric a pinch

Salt To Taste

For Seasoning
Mustard seeds-1tsp
Spilt urad dal-1tsp

curry leaves


1.Clean,trim and chop beans and onion into finelly.
2.Wash the moongdal and keep aside.

3.Heat a kadai with 150ml of water,allow to boil.Then add chopped beans and moongdal.

4.Allow it to cook till the water evoparates and keep aside.

5.Heat a pan with oil,add the seasoning ingredients,once they splutter add chopped
onions,red chillies.Fry them till onions turns brown colour.
6.Then add the boiled beans and moongdal and stir them well.Add salt and close it with lid
for 5mints on simmer.
7.Then Jiffy and easy Beans-Moongdal Fry is ready to serve with rice/roti.

Sending this to “My Legume Love Affair Fourth Heplingan event started by susan of the well-Seasoned cook and hosted this month by sra

17 thoughts on “Beans-Moongdal Fry

  1. Pavani, naanga ellam advise kudukarthoda seri… ha ha ha.
    Vaay mattum thaan enakku… per vekka ellaam theriyadhu!

    But of course it is very nutritious, I will try it when I have the time.

  2. Pavani…if u want i can still include it in the round up but the recipe can’t compete for the prize…if its ok with u send me the details else fine no probs 🙂

  3. anjali.j dear,thank u very much for ur comments.

    Vaishali,thank u yaar for ur comments.

    divya,thank u yaar

    snageeth,i will send the post,for the roundup,no prb for prize

  4. This does sound delicious. It looks so beautiful! Great recipes, Can’t wait to see ur posting. Will try it soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

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