Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event

Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event

Its a great pleasure to announce my first event hosting in my blog. Yes, I am going to be the guest host this month, for Microwave Easy Cooking event fondly referred as MEC, started by my sister in law, Srivalli . I am sure this event has helped many to discover ways to cook in Microwave, which otherwise is used mostly for reheating. I have cooked many dishes in Microwave and know its saves lot of cooking time, which we can utilize very efficiently otherwise.The theme for this month is going to be “Cheese”. Cook any dish in Microwave with Cheese. The complete cooking has to be done in Microwave, please clearly mention the steps and other tips that can be helpful to the readers.

To participate in this event, please make sure of the below points:
1. Cook any dish in Microwave using Cheese. It can be a starter, Main Course, Side dish or Sweets/Dessert.
2. Link back to this post and to MEC: Announcement . Kindly use the attached Logo.
3. Send in your details to with the below details:
Your Name
Blog Name:
Dish Name:
Recipe Type:
Post URL:
Last date for sending in your entries is Nov 30th.

17 thoughts on “Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event

  1. Ah! How innovative, microwave and cheese! For this, I am really gonna look forward to the round up 🙂
    Meanwhile let me try to cook up something as well.

  2. You both are related? gosh I dint know…I love this event yaar, but my MW is broke and I am yet to buy a new one..pathetic…will surely try to participate..will use the beg borrow steal method 😉

  3. One of my favo event Pavani 🙂 Gal cheese, it could be tough for those who have only microw option 🙁 I will try to do my best to contribute 4 ur first event. Best of luck !

  4. thank u so much uma dear for ur wishes and comments…

    thanku sangeeth fo rur comments yaa..srivalli and me are relatives..she is my sister-in-law..

    Thank u anudivya for ur lovely and cute comments

    Thanku lakshmi for visiting and giving good words on my blog

    Thanku vibaas for ur comments

    Thank u cham,priya,deesha and anusriram for ur comments

    Thank u so much for ur lovely comments,,,jayasree,andhraflavors and raaji…

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