Kakara Kaya Kolampuri

Kakara Kaya Kolampuri

Kakara Kaya -2nos
Grated Ginger-1tsp
Corn Flour-1/2cup
Gram Flour-1/2cup
Ginger+Garlic paste-1tbsp
finelly chopped greenchillies-2nos,
chopped onions-1no.
mint leaves
coriander leaves
chilli Pwd-2tsp
Turmeric pwd

1.First chop kakara kaya into 1inch long pieces.
2.Take a pan add water,gingergarlic paste,turmeric,salt and kakara kaya.Boil them for 5mints,then into a bowl.
3.In a bowl add gram flour and corn flour,salt,1tsp chillpwd and water,mix them well without any lumps like a thin batter.
4.Add the boiled kakara kaya into this paste and deep fry them in oil.
5.Again take a pan add oil,cumin seeds,chopped green chillies,onions,grated ginger and fry them for 5mints,then add fried kakara kaya,mint,coriander leaves,chilli pwd,salt again fry them for sometime,finelly add butter.
6.Finelly add lemon juice to it and serve hot.

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