About Me

About Me

I am Pavani, welcome to my blog “Pavanis Kitchen”. I started cooking as my passion only for my hubby, who is very fond of tasting different kinds of foods. I started to learn how to cook only after marriage.

Before moving further, let me tell how I started this blog. After my first child was born, I became very busy. She started growing up and going to playschool.
The other day I got frustrated saying that I need some change besides doing regular work. Then hubby dear suggested to start a food blog, then I decided to start it. We both decided the blog name as “fooddamaka.blogspot.com” but now it has changed to Pavanis Kitchen. The blog started on Feb 25th 2008.

All the recipes from my site are tried in my kitchen and tasted by my family members. Some of the recipes are learned from my Amma, Athammaa, friends and from cooking books and food magazines.

Basically, I am from Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, after marriage I moved to Chennai. Where both the parts come under the southern part of India, which is very famous for food.
Presently I am living in Aberdeen, the UK with my hubby and with my two wonderful kids. All the pictures and information in pavaniskitchen.com are my original and are copyrighted. All rights reserved. It cannot be used in any form for publishing without my permission. 

If you want to contact me for anything specific, please free to mail me  pavani.gunikuntla@gmail.com